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Don’t Get Your Front Door Hacked

Smart Homes HackedInterestingly the reason the smart home is not safe is because security is an afterthought for many of the devices designed for devices and chips are rushed out the door with manufacturers intending on securing them after purchase. This is done many times to control costs as devices that are not in use, or do not sell, would not need to be secured. If this sounds a little crazy it's not you. Many experts that reviewInternet service providers in my area at the aforementioned site say that the smart refrigerator that is available on the market now is the most vulnerable of all other smart devices. Since this refrigerator is constantly connected to the Internet it has what is considered a large attack surface.

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We Need Warp Engines Now Scotty!

Wormhole Used For TravelAs is known by the many Potatoes out there everything in the universe attempts to exist in the lowest possible energy state. However in infinitesimally small amount of time after the Big Bang many scientists believe that the cosmos was at a state of rest in what is called false vacuum energy. In this incredibly tiny span of time the universe increased in size by a factor of 10 to the 50th power. That's big and fast, and according to Satellite Internet Providers would be the reason current speeds are restricted across even the vacuum of space.

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Internet Spying and You: What’s With All the Spying?

It should be noted that surveillance of ARPANET, the seed from which our current Internet grew, was absolutely legal as it was wholly owned by the US military. The defense intelligence communities built ARPANET as a means of communication should normal means be disrupted due to nuclear war. So this of course means it makes sense that the above-mentioned agencies would spy on. This in of itself is not a problem but since ARPANET is the framework for the current Internet providers by zip code how has this monitoring continued?

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