About Us

We specialize in the internet and tech news you should already know but don’t as you have failed to pay even the slightest degree of attention to what’s going on around you. Since you have failed to raise your head and look out into the bright sunlight we thought you might want to see the latest thing that has gone to hell today. Or gotten better, that’s possible but let’s be honest about things right.

If you have any news you feel we should publish write it up and send it to us. We will check for plagiarism so if that’s you game don’t bother. We know how to use the Internet to get information as well, probably better than you because we are here. That is an assumption and could be wrong. We won’t be fact checking it.

Please feel free to contact us about anything. We might get back with you, it’s hard to say. It gets real busy around here and if Samsung screws up our news cycle again it might be months.