Don’t Get Your Front Door Hacked

In a world where your toaster sends e-mails and your couch needs a software upgrade and your neighbors are watching Family Guy on your Netflix account it might be wise to beef up home security. And I don't mean alarms on your doors and windows, but network security. You see those lights that you can control with voice commands and over your phone might also be a pathway into your home for the right hacker.

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We Need Warp Engines Now Scotty!

13.8 billion years ago the big bang occurred. There was a time after this called inflation. During this time the universe expanded exponentially over a very brief period of time. Over the billions of years of a much slower expansion the universe is so large we can't see the end of it, nor will we ever.

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Climate Change Denier Is a Big Fat Lier; “No shit” says everyone else.

Although not actually employed at the Harvard Smithsonian Center soon is a scientist there and has made claims for many years that it is the sun's energy that is causing global warming, or more specifically variations of it. He continued to promote this idea even after facing accusations regarding his research funding.

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Internet Spying and You: What’s With All the Spying?

The defense intelligence communities built ARPANET as a means of communication should normal means be disrupted due to nuclear war. So this of course means it makes sense that the above-mentioned agencies would spy on. This in of itself is not a problem but since ARPANET is the framework for the current Internet how has this monitoring continued?

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Additional Articles

XPages in Domino Designer 8.5

If you've downloaded the public beta of Domino Designer 8.5 (often referred to as DDE, or Domino Designer in Eclipse), you should have seen the new design element called an XPage. If you have been living in a cave (hey, hobbit, leave the zombies alone...), XPages are a web-only (at least for now) canvas upon which you can lay out various controls to produce radically new Domino application designs. MORE

What's Your Perfect Job? Perfect Employer?

I was thinking about this the other day and decided to write it down. I threw in some explanatory comments in case anyone wants to try and understand it, but mostly this one is intended for me. MORE

Why Twitter Sucks

Mooney would probably call this "twatter," because I'm about to be a twat about Twitter. If you had the misfortune to be absent from the inaugural Worst Practices Lotusphere session, where Paul uttered his now legendary expletive, use your imagination (just make sure to say it in an Irish accent, bear in mind that to him it's hardly objectionable at all, and picture Peter Pan-level boyish charm in full force at the time...). I come not to praise Twitter, but to bury it (I should be so lucky). MORE

Five Things You Don't Know About Me

As Mr Roling pointed out, we've done this one before , but since I've been tagged twice now , I'll play along. Here are another 5 things you probably don't know about me: MORE

Enablement (or lack thereof)

Well, I kicked up a bit of a fuss with that last rant, didn't I? I didn't do a very good job of explaining the issue, though. Plenty of people thought I was attacking Eclipse itself (and some were glad to see me do it, while others thought I'd gone 'round the bend a bit). But that wasn't the point. So what is the point? Enablement. Or the lack thereof.  MORE

Comment Spam on Domino BlogSphere blogs

I noticed that several Domino bloggers have had trouble with massive amounts of comment spam recently. I had the same issue a few weeks ago, although I don't get the kind of traffic some of our more well-known geeks get. I made one trivial tweak to my BlogSphere database, and I haven't had any issues since. So I thought I should blog the solution in case it helps someone else. MORE

More Comments and Information

If you haven't received your confirmation email about the Lotus Certification Breakfast at The Sphere, you have until the 5th to resubmit your name. Thanks to Tony, I realized the other day that I never got a confirmation. I am, after all, a tiny bit absent minded (see site url if you have any questions...). In the discussion on Tony's site, Julian pointed out that he had to use Internet Exploder to successfully register. Sure enough, I had registered with FireFox. I tried again with IE, and it worked like a charm. So if you don't have a confirmation email from Lotus (you need to print it out and bring it, for some strange reason), you may want to do the same. MORE

Sexist Bastards in IT

First, if you haven't already, read Francie's excellent post, Damned if you do. Then read Kathy's equally excellent perspective, Damned if you do... My Two Cents. MORE

Things I Don't Like about the Notes 8 Beta

Still in no particular order, these are some things I haven't been thrilled with:

  • While mail is loading, there the default 4-paneUI (with preview at the bottom of the page) even if that's not how you've got mail configured.
  • There is a command prompt after launching (I know there's a workaround for this, but first impressions are huge and that DOS window is seriously ugly - this should be fixed before release). MORE

Rocky's list of surprises

Rocky has a great post about the things about ourselves that would surprise our friends. He lists five things that most people don't know about him, and suggests we follow suit. I'm not trying to hijack the thread by posting mine here, I just thought this might also be interesting for the 5-6 readers of my site who don't also read Rocky's. So, here is my list of surprising factoids (I think only my wife and parents know all of these): MORE

Have I mentioned how much I hate to travel?

The elderly gentleman next to me who over-applied the (AARP-issued?) cologne otherwise known as "Old Man Smell" - I don't know what's in that stuff, but it sure is potent. My odiferous friend also had the lovely habit of spreading himself out as though there were no other passengers in that row of seats, leaving me with about 2/3 of my seat to work with. Good thing I'm not a large person. MORE

A Word to the Wise

Should you find yourself in Komono's with Paul Mooney, do not, repeat, NOT expect to get out without participating in one of the infamous Mooney sake mashups (and I use the term advisedly...).  MORE

Met with our IBM Sales Reps today

Seriously, we had a chat with the regional sales folks from IBM today, and I thought the message was interesting. Ed would have liked it, I think. Background info: we're a decent-sized Notes shop (8,000 Notes client licenses, 10,000 SameTime, LEI, QuickPlace), and we were sitting down with IBM, my boss, my boss' boss (Director level) and our licensing person to cover what we have, in terms of maintenance and support, as well as where we should be going. There were a couple of surprising messages. MORE

Too Good to be True

I was very excited for a few minutes. But then I realized that I had parsed the sentence incorrectly. Bad Captain! Bad, bad Captain. *sigh* MORE

Obama for President

Tomorrow is the Massachusetts Presidential primary election, so it's time to announce the candidate who has received the coveted endorsement of yours truly, Captain Oblivious. Simply put, the Captain and the Doctor will both be voting forBarack Obama. If you've been reading this blog for a very long time, you may remember that I've been a huge Obama fan since I heard him speak at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Nothing I've seen or heard has changed my mind; in fact, quite the opposite. MORE

The Dread Pirate Westley takes on Tom Delay

So the Hammer, wonderful humanitarian that he is, has weighed in on the Terry Schiavo case. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas said he would consider calling lawmakers back from their vacations to stop what he termed "medical terrorism." MORE

Exhibit A, McDonagh vs Eclipse Development

IBM's Composite Applications blog isn't one of my favorite sites to read. I feel obligated to try and stay on top of the concepts and techniques they're talking about, so I dutifully read each post. But every time, I find myself wondering if this is really how I want to spend my time and energy as a developer (or how I want my developers to spend theirs, as a department manager). MORE