Climate Change Denier Is a Big Fat Lier; “No shit” says everyone else

This dude is full of shitThe lovely zealots at Greenpeace have recently is the freedom of information act in order to capture documents that show the climate change denier Wei-Hock Soon is a great big liar. At this time no one in the entire world is surprised as he accepted $1.2 million over a 14 year. From several energy companies. This in it of itself is not as big a deal as he failed to report any conflict of interest as he continued his research.

Although not actually employed at the Harvard Smithsonian Center soon is a scientist there and has made claims for many years that it is the sun's energy that is causing global warming, or more specifically variations of it. He continued to promote this idea even after facing accusations regarding his research funding. It should come as no surprise he was funded by energy companies. Dr. Soon claim that the funding did not impact his research.

It would seem that at least 10 papers published beginning in 2008 failed to mention any relationship to energy companies which violated publishing journal policies. Soon’s reputation has been under fire for a very long time, so it is unlikely any additional heat is going to cause him any problems. It is possible that the revelation of his many lies might stop one of climate change's biggest opponents from publishing any further nonsense, but that is unlikely.

As long as energy companies are going to pay this guy he's going to continue to publish whatever they like. In fact in the past the doctor referred to his papers as "deliverables", which in the business world means he was paid for a product. In this case the product is bullshit that may be costing us more than just money.

It also might be interesting to note that Wei-Hock Soon has almost no formal training in climatology. He has been accused in the past of using out of date data, creating correlations were they did not exist, and not taking into account evidence implicating emissions from human behavior in climate change. A prominent doctor at the Goddard Institute for space studies said, "the science that Willie Soon does is almost pointless." This of course would be funny if the work you did wasn't damaging a very important area of study.