A Word to the Wise

Should you find yourself in Komono's with Paul Mooney, do not, repeat, NOT expect to get out without participating in one of the infamous Mooney sake mashups (and I use the term advisedly...). 

Strangely, we had heard that Disney bumped the prices so high this year there would be no bulk sake orders. Silly, silly people. The prices are still in McDollars (also known as McMerican pesos), which to Europeans these days means practically free!

Oh, speaking of Mooney, by the way, apparently certain parties would like to listen to a pr0n podcast consisting entirely of me calling him a "wee Irish b*st*rd" and him responding, "McDonagh, ye c**k!" Not sure I see the broader appeal, but then I am clearly not very clever. After all, when Mooney ordered the @#$% sake, I didn't run away screaming, despite the fact that previous poor souls have thoroughly documented his sadism.

On a lighter note (ooh, pun alert), Greyhawk and I did BNL's "If I Had a Million Dollars" at karaoke tonight. Mr. Roling needed a partner because the guy he was going to sing with never showed. So I suffered through it. Naw, Greyhawk rocks, and I had by far the easier part (the first part of the call-and-answer sort of song), so it went fine. In fact, I left the karaoke stage with a couple of dollar bills stuffed down my pants. Which would worry me a bit more if I didn't know the lunatics who had done it...

Speaking of lighter notes, Devin's new bosses have quite a sense of humor. More than that I cannot say, but they picked out one heck of a welcome aboard present. Well done, people. 

We will now return to our previously scheduled serious Lotusphere content. Err, in a few hours, that is...