Sexist Bastards in IT

First, if you haven't already, read Francie's excellent post, Damned if you do. Then read Kathy's equally excellent perspective, Damned if you do... My Two Cents. 

Now, both of these women are behaving like ladies in their posts. I'm not gonna be a gentleman (*gasp*) in mine.

First of all, if you read either of those entries and thought they were whining or being a "feminist bitch?" Fuck you. You ARE the problem. Get your head out of your ass. This shit has gone on for decades, and it is absolutely happening now. It's so far from being acceptable that I'm having trouble coming up with a word strong enough.

Second, if you've been one of the assholes attacking the women in our own community? Fuck you twiceReal hard. The only curse I've ever heard that adequately describes the people who behave like that (apologies to the Wee Irish Bastard for stealing it once again) is motherfucking cock-knocker

I haven't used the names of any of the known bastards (and you ARE known, make no mistake), but only because I've been asked not to. That particular and quite peculiar (for me) restraint *will* disappear if I see or hear any more of this complete and utter shit from anyone I know. And I assure you, there will be some serious cock knocking done then...