Have I mentioned how much I hate to travel?

No? Well, allow me to present exhibits A and B:

A. The elderly gentleman next to me who over-applied the (AARP-issued?) cologne otherwise known as "Old Man Smell" - I don't know what's in that stuff, but it sure is potent. My odiferous friend also had the lovely habit of spreading himself out as though there were no other passengers in that row of seats, leaving me with about 2/3 of my seat to work with. Good thing I'm not a large person.

B. The family of 6, all 4 children under the age of 5, who decided to travel as though there were only 5 of them. Trust me folks, you need a dedicated seat for an infant when you have 3 other kids to keep track of (having flown with an infant, I think you need an individual seat for them every time, but this was a particularly bad tactical decision). Oh, and Dad? Climbing on top of your seat and bending over the back of your children's seats to adjust their headphones? Not a great idea for a number of reasons, the most pressing of which is that we really didn't need to see plumber's butt on a crowded airplane.
Nevertheless, I'm happily registered at the Dolphin (room 8140). I'm about to go sign in for The Sphere, after which I'll wander over to the Dolphin lobby and find out how long it takes me to stumble across one of the other bloggers. Prediction: more than 1 minute, less than 15...