Rocky's list of surprises

Rocky has a great post about the things about ourselves that would surprise our friends. He lists five things that most people don't know about him, and suggests we follow suit. I'm not trying to hijack the thread by posting mine here, I just thought this might also be interesting for the 5-6 readers of my site who don't also read Rocky's. So, here is my list of surprising factoids (I think only my wife and parents know all of these):

  1. I was a major music and theater geek in high school and college. I have a solo-quality singing voice, but because I'm painfully shy I can't act to save my life. Since I was self-aware enough to realize this, I always applied for (and got) chorus roles. I got to sing, but otherwise could blend into the background. I'm with Rock on this point: most straight high school and college age males are missing a huge opportunity - the straight male/straight female ratio in most choir/theater groups is seriously slanted in your favor. You MIGHT meet more available girls if you were a star athlete, but I wouldn't bet on it. Target rich environment was the term at the time...

  2. I once hit a bunt home run in a little league baseball game. Well, ok, it was a bunt single with 3 throwing errors. Since I was a classic 'good field, weak hit' second baseman, though, my coach put it in the score sheet as a home run. The whole team got a big kick out of it.

  3. I worked in a McDonald's throughout high school, and my father managed fast food restaurants for a living. I know more than you would ever want to know about the fast food industry.

  4. I spent my summers on Cape Cod (my aunt and grand-aunt lived there) when I was a kid, and still love to vacation there, but I don't like the beach. At all. Sand is The Enemy. So is the sun.

  5. Like Duffbert, I take an SSRI to control my brain chemistry. I'm not dysthymic, though, I'm more classically depressed with a dash of anxiety mixed in. He's been more open about that online than I have been, but while I don't usually volunteer the information it isn't something I go out of my way to hide, either.